Early registration fee & Author registration deadline: 5 July 2021

Call for abstracts


The official Congress language is English. Original contributions have been received on the following topics:



E.1. Animal farming systems, ecology and multiple services:

E.1.1. Sustainable intensification 

E.1.2. Non-conventional livestock systems 

E.1.3. Beyond food: non-market benefits of livestock systems


E.2. Livestock farming, impacts mitigation and resource use:

E.2.1. Monitoring impacts on environment

E.2.2. Strategies for impacts mitigation




A.1. Animal welfare and efficiency: conflict or resource?

A.1.1. Animal welfare and resilience

A.1.2. Animal efficiency


A.2. Animal genetic diversity and genetic improvement: paradox or opportunity?

A.2.1. Role and characterization of local breeds

A.2.2. Genetic variability, inbreeding and crossbreeding


A.3. Innovative approaches in animal production:

A.3.1. Precision livestock farming

A.3.2. Omics technologies


A.4. Companion animals and society

A.4.1. Companion animals and society




F.1. Food of animal origin for human health

F.1.1. Nutritional profile

F.1.2. Food production and processing


F.2. Food of animal origin: quality, territory, culture and emotions

F.2.1. Sensory and instrumental organoleptic properties

F.2.2. Food labelling and valorization

O.1.1 Other (please specify)

Important (updated) deadlines
Commmunication of abstract title and topic: Friday, January 15th, 2021
Full abstract submission: Monday, February 15th, 2021
Notification of acceptance: Monday, March 15th, 2021
Early registration fee: Monday, July 5th (new deadline)
Deadline for authors' registration: Monday, July 5th (new deadline)

Important note
Each Author may appear in
two oral communications at most (and only in one as presenter).There are no limitations as concerns posters: Communications and posters will be printed just as abstracts. 


All presenters of accepted abstracts are required to register and attend the conference (at least one author per accepted oral abstract). Deadline for authors' registration: 
Monday, July 5th (new deadline)
Failure to register will result in the exclusion of the paper. Kindly advise if you wish to withdraw your abstract or if it cannot be presented for any other reason, so that the programme can be amended accordingly.

We recommend authors to register through the same link used to submit their paper:  SUBMISSION LINK
entering their USERNAME (= surname) and ABSTRACT PIN on the relevant fields and then clicking on CHECK ABSTRACT'S STATUS. On the next screen you will see the status of the submitted abstract and a button: "REGISTER THE PRESENTING AUTHOR" >> click here to make your registration.



Last update: 3 May 2021