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Provisional Topics




E.1. Animal farming systems, ecology and multiple services:

E.1.1. Sustainable intensification 

E.1.2. Non-conventional livestock systems 

E.1.3. Beyond food: non-market benefits of livestock systems


E.2. Livestock farming, impacts mitigation and resource use:

E.2.1. Monitoring impacts on environment 

E.2.2. Strategies for impacts mitigation 





A.1. Animal welfare and efficiency: conflict or resource? 

A.1.1. Animal welfare and resilience 

A.1.2. Animal efficiency 

A.2. Animal genetic diversity and genetic improvement: paradox or opportunity?

A.2.1. Role and characterization of local breeds 

A.2.2. Genetic variability, inbreeding and crossbreeding

A.3. Innovative approaches in animal production:

A.3.1. Precision livestock farming 

A.3.2. Omics technologies 


A.4. Companion animals and society 

A.4.1. Companion animals and society





F.1. Food of animal origin for human health

F.1.1. Nutritional profile

F.1.2. Food production and processing


F.2. Food of animal origin: quality, territory, culture and emotions

F.2.1. Sensory and instrumental organoleptic properties

F.2.2. Food labelling and valorization